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About Us

Bhutan Land of Happiness- Tours is a home bred tour company approved by the Royal Government of Bhutan.The company was founded by Mr. Pema Tshering and is one of the young accomplished businessmen from Bumthang.He has had good trades with the travellers visiting Bhutan.  His interaction with them has provided him the insight to Kurjey Lhakhangdeal with the guests.He is also a financial pillar of the company ensuring the quality facilities, infrastructures and staff personnel and well versed with Bhutan’s Geography and History and his erudition cements the strength of the company. He is also one of the few Bhutanese novelists who began his early writing career and claimed himself as one of the third novelists from his district. Mr. Pema Tshering plays a role of proprietor and takes the role of CEO.

Their synergies make the company the most viable travel agent for the travellers visiting Bhutan.Bhutan Land of Happiness-Tours Pvt. Ltd. is one of the most reliable tour operators in Bhutan. The name of the company is derived from our internationally recognized national goal of ‘Gross National Happiness’. Our service is targeted toward achieving Gross National Happiness for all those who work with us and who avail our services. Our primary concern is not to kill the golden goose but to take care of it with utmost love and affection. We strive to give the best and diversified tour programmes to our guests augmented by our superlative services.

We are the most competent tour operator in terms of handling those guests who are enthusiastic about Bhutan’s Tradition and Culture. There is no tour operators who has the capacity to introduce the visitors closely to our tradition and culture, especially that of Thangka Paintings.We know our history better and will never mislead our guests with exaggerated information. Our mission is to offer our genuine service and give the value of the money that our guests invest to visit Bhutan. From the time you step in Bhutan till the Moment you leave us, we treat you as a part of our family.

Our set of magnanimous management team, erudite escorts, adept drivers and outstanding infrastructures will assist you to cherish the best of Bhutan. Therefore, we are the most viable host in Bhutan to help you explore our unique and incredible tradition and culture, pristine natural environment, chaste snow clad mountains and green lush valleys.Here at ‘Bhutan, the Land of Happiness- Tours’, we have professionally trained tour guides certified by the Tourism Authority of Bhutan. They are incredibly experienced and have travelled every nook and cranny of the Kingdom. We have selected them through series of interviews to ensure their honesty, integrity, high values, strong principles and good work ethics for the safety and benefit of our clients.To expedite the travel formalities, we have vibrant and dynamic, erudite and magnanimous management team who have received plaudits from our guests and other organisations.We have close link with wide range of hotels graded by the Tourism Authority of Bhutan. Our clients enjoy the diversity of choice based on their interest and financial strength.  These hotels have internationally trained chefs and versatile hotel staff members guaranteeing smooth and satisfying services.We provide luxurious and comfortable transport service. We have the capacity to provide varieties of cars based on your choice ranging from Hyundai Tucson and Santafe cars till Toyota Coaster bus and Land cruisers. Your Safe travel is augmented by our seasoned and virtuoso drivers who know every road of the country like the back of their hand.We arrange various client oriented cultural tours and treks in and around Bhutan. We are not blinded by making profit but our due importance is given to the safety and comfort of our clients. We are concern with the interest of our guests and we strive to give the best of the best services which pleas and content our clients. We always endeavor to make every trip of our client to Bhutan pretty memorable and worth travelling.  We never fail to attend to our client from the time of their booking with us till the time they depart from Bhutan. Our guests are part our family till they part from us. We respect and share cordiality with them.Therefore, we are your viable host in Bhutan. You must avail our service so that you would have lots of wonderful experiences to share with your friends and relatives when you are back in your home country. Don’t miss to visit this heaven on earth, make your money pay the haven you have never dreamed of. Please Contact us at: Email at: pemsbumthap@gmail.com

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